How long will construction take?

Up to 42 months, concluding in late 2020.

Who do I call if there is an issue that needs to be reported?

See “Contact Us

Where will construction personnel be parking?

On site for the first several months as there will be limited workers. We are processing through our options and will update once we have a plan in place.

Where will construction trucks enter and exit the property?

Though this will be somewhat fluid throughout the project, the majority of the traffic will follow the path of the existing fire access road, entering on Winchester and exiting Williams.

How noisy will construction be?

Construction is inherently noisy.  However, the project must follow City policies and environmental mitigations (such as modern mufflers on equipment) to minimize noise impacts.

How will dust be controlled?

Water will be used.

What are the construction hours and days?

7am-7pm Monday through Friday.

Will there be lane closures and if so, will neighbors be notified in advance?

Lane closure may occur in front of our property during excavation and concrete pours. We will make efforts to limit this as much as possible. We will also be making improvements to the Winchester and Williams intersection, which will affect local traffic patterns during construction, yet will be a long-run benefit to the neighborhood.